March Madness Dessert Bracket

As we approach February and soon March, I’ve decided to put together a bracket of 64 desserts and pair them in a March-madness type bracket to determine the ultimate dessert (at least of 2011). Below is the list I have compiled, but I’d like to hear your thoughts about what I missed. Please, if you do propose to add a dessert also select one for removal and the reason. Once I have a good list I will put together a bracket and we’ll start the tournament!

A couple of ground rules:

1. Please don’t choose some specific dessert from a particular person or place. I’m sure one place does something better than anywhere, but that’s not really an overall picture.

2. Please don’t select something obscure that most people wouldn’t have heard of. I’m sure there are plenty of desserts that I need to try, but, again, not really an overall picture thing.

3. No candy. Yes, we all love candy, but it’s more of a snack and not a dessert.

4. This is for fun, and not money. If your favorite isn’t listed or doesn’t make the final bracket or isn’t seated high enough, sorry. Maybe you should take me to lunch and buy me that dessert to convince me!

With no further ado, here is the initial list of 64 (in no particular order)!

  1. Apple pie
  2. Cherry pie
  3. Pecan pie
  4. Pumpkin pie
  5. Strawberry pie
  6. Chocolate pudding
  7. Vanilla pudding
  8. Banana pudding
  9. Chocolate Meringue pie
  10. Lemon meringue pie
  11. lemon chess pie
  12. chocolate-pecan pie (derby pie)
  13. peanut butter pie
  14. chocolate souflee
  15. vanilla ice cream
  16. chocolate ice cream
  17. brownies
  18. chocolate chip cookies
  19. sugar cookies
  20. oatmeal raisin cookies
  21. blondies
  22. snickerdoodles
  23. thin mints
  24. cheesecake
  25. turtle cheesecake
  26. birthday cake
  27. chocolate layered cake
  28. banana’s foster
  29. red velvet cake
  30. chocolate molten cake
  31. creme brulee
  32. chocolate mousse
  33. key lime pie
  34. bread pudding
  35. pumpkin cake roll
  36. fancy cupcake
  37. napoleon
  38. pastry
  39. plain donut
  40. filled donut
  41. peach cobbler
  42. cherry cobbler
  43. blackberry cobbler
  44. pound cake
  45. jello
  46. pop-sickle
  47. ice cream shake/malt
  48. ice cream with mix-in
  49. churro
  50. sopapillas
  51. flan
  52. cream puffs
  53. eclair
  54. strudel
  55. coffee cake
  56. gingerbread
  57. ice cream sundae
  58. banana split
  59. banana bread
  60. carrot cake
  61. banana cream pie
  62. chocolate pots de creame
  63. crepes
  64. coconut cream pie

Please excuse the spelling errors.  Enjoy!

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