Disappointed in The Pie Garden

I had such great hopes.  Pie?  Breakfast?  How could you go wrong?  Well…  Let’s just say they figured something out.  I’m disappointed in The Pie Garden.  It had such great potential, but, so far, it has failed at almost every step.  Service?  Lacking.  Food?  Underwhelming.  Pie?  Not homemade.  In fact, I took this picture on opening day of boxes of frozen pies in the dumpster on opening day:

Boxes of pies at Pie Garden dumpster

To add insult to injury, I asked them to bring me their best pie and they brought me a piece of apple pie. (Notice the box above!)  Combine this with the bad service, the inconsistent hours (thought they opened at 6 am, yet not open this morning), and the overcooked, straight from restaurant supply food and the Pie Garden falls on all accounts.

It really is sad.  I gave them a number of chances, yet they continue to disappoint.  Hopefully they’ll be able to turn things around.  Until then, I’m still in search of a decent breakfast on a weekday and a good slice of pie.

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