Family Advent Devotionals – Week 3 – Hope


 We have hope that Jesus is going to come back to earth someday.  We expect and wish for it because he told us it would happen. We just don’t know when.  Jesus gives us hope because he made us a promise to return to earth and make everything perfect.  We desire certain things to happen and wish that they would be true. We hope we will get a certain Christmas present and we also hope Jesus will return soon.

  • Light the Hope Candle

-This week light the Joy candle first then the Peace candle and then the last purple candle that represents hope.


1. What is hope?

(wish, expectation, things desired)

2.What are you hoping for this Christmas?

3. Sometimes our hopes don’t happen but why can we trust that its okay to have hope in Jesus?

(Jesus will not let us down. Jesus promises are true and will happen, He is the one Person who will not let us down)

  • Scripture Reading (Focus = Simeon)

-Read Luke 2: 21-35

-This scripture reading tells about a man named Simeon. He was a man with a lot of hope. God had told him he would get to see the Messiah before he died.


1.Tell about any special ceremonies (baptism) when you were born. Tell about people who were especially excited to hold you (besides parents perhaps a great grandmother or uncle returning from overseas etc.  (For more explanation on  Luke 2:21-24 see Leviticus 12)

2. Who was Simeon?Did Simeon get to see Jesus?

(Simeon was a devout and righteous man who lived in Jerusalem and loved God and was excited for the Messiah to come.) (Yes, he even held him. He was very joyful)

3. What did Simeon say about Jesus?

(Savior for all people, light to the nations, glory of Israel )

4. Discuss Luke 2:34? What does this tell us about Jesus?

(Many will love him but others will hate him)

Gift  for Jesus

As a family decide to donate money or time to a ministry opportunity.  Make a plan and decide on a ministry

Idea 1:  Agree to save a certain amount of money from allowance and parents coffee money and put it in a jar to give away .

Idea 2 : Agree to go with one less gift and donate that money to a worthy cause

-Idea 3: Go through your kitchen pantry and gather items in a bag to donate to a food pantry

-Idea 4: Gather old towels to donate to an animal shelter

-Idea 5:  Adopt a child through World Vision or buy some chickens through Heifer Project International or help a struggling third world business thrive through KIVA


1.How would you feel if it was your birthday and everyone received a present but you?

(sad, disappointed, not cared about, forgotten)

2. How can we get Jesus a present?

(Jesus wants us to help others and show others His love. By doing this it is a gift to Him)

Visual Reminders

-You can do this together or each family member can write down what they find and meet back up and see who found the most. Walk through your house and search for items that remind you of Jesus. (i.e. cross, Bible, framed Bible verse) Also think outside the box too. (maybe a blanket reminds you of God’s presence wrapped around you or a flower arrangement reminds you of his creation or a fireplace makes you think of the Holy Spirit)


1. Why is it important to have reminders about Jesus in front of us?

(to help us remember whose we are. Jesus made us and we are His and we need to act and talk like it)

2. Why is it important to remember the Christmas story each year?

(Remember the story of the one who came to save us from our sins. Just like our birthday it’s a time to celebrate that person. We celebrate Jesus at Christmas)

The Light the Path Game

-Hide red and black checkers in a dark room. Red checkers are worth 1 point and black checkers are worth -1 point. With the lights off see who can get the most points.  Afterwards play the game again giving each person a flashlight


1. What was it like searching the room with no lights? With lights?

(could not see which color checkers were, guessing for right one, confused)

2. How can the Bible (God’s word) be like our flashlight?

(it shows the way, lights our path, helps us see where to go)

3. Look up Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.

(God’s word or the Bible guides us in the way to go)

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