Family Advent Devotionals – Week 4 – Love

God is Love.  To truly understand love we must know God. We use this word casually saying we love a food or sports team or a special outfit.   Love, however, is from God and he showed us the ultimate unconditional love by sending Jesus to earth.  Jesus was perfect and never sinned yet came to die a horrible death because he loved us and wanted us to spend forever with Him.  We are called to love.  Why? Because God first loved us.  Who will you show love to?  How will you show them?

Scripture Reading

-Read Luke 1:26-35; 1:46-56


1.What did the angel tell Mary her son would be?

(he will be great, called Son of the Most High, be on a throne; meaning a king, reign forever, kingdom with no end.)

2. How do you think Mary felt about this from the scripture you just read?

( Mary is humbled God chose her, She realizes what an important job it is to be the mother of Jesus, probably a little scared)

The Best Gift of All

-Have each family  member write a letter to God or write their thoughts on God’s love or draw a picture  showing what God’s love looks like. Do not share with each other but put them in a box to share on Christmas morning. After everyone has put in something wrap the gift and place it under the tree.

Here’s some starter questions to answer if needed:

God’s love is like……

God’s love makes me feel….

Shower of Hearts

-Cut out 3 paper hearts for each person and put a sticky tape ring on the back.  Make sure each family member has the same amount. Set a timer for one minute and each family member tries to give away their love by sticking hearts on other family members saying “I Love You” as they do it.


1. What are ways we as a family can show love to one another?

(say I Love You, leave notes, do something nice for another family member, help with a chore)

2. What way did Jesus show His love to us?

(He came to earth and died on the cross for our sins so we could live with him forever in heaven)

3. Read I John 4:9-11

Optional: Have family members write something they love about each other and stick hearts on each member’s bedroom door as reminder.

“What’s That For” Game

-Find a tool, kitchen gadget or other item that your children are unfamiliar with. Ask them to explain what they think it’s for.  Then explain its real purpose.


1.Jesus had a purpose too. What was Jesus’ purpose coming to earth?

(to save us from our sins, die on the cross, pay the price for our sins, penalty for sin = death)

2. Read Romans 6:23 and Matthew 1:21

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