Only persons of faith can pass on faith!

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Do you take your children to Sunday School, worship, mid-week Bible Study, Choir or a number of other spiritual activities?  That’s great of you.  Now let’s ask ourselves as the parents: Do you go to Sunday School, Worship, mid-week Bible Study, Choir or other spiritual activities? How do you, the parent, grow your faith each day?

We cannot expect our children to actively participate in the life of the Church if we as their parents do not. Because you see, only persons of faith can pass on that faith! If we do not seek to grow our faith through Bible study, prayer groups or other spiritual activities we cannot expect our children to desire that either. If we do not model prayer in our home by praying with and for our children we cannot expect them to do it either.

If we truly want our children to grow with a life of faith then we should be the best example for them.  We should make sure we aren’t sending them to youth group or Sunday School because of duty and it being the right thing to do as good young Christians.

Take time to grow

But I don’t have time for that!  Yes, I get it, we’re busy as parents and doing a lot for our kids whether its working long hours to bring home the bacon or driving them around from activity to activity.  Just as we ask our children to prioritize we must too.  It is imperative that if we wish for our children to be active in their faith that we are too. Our personal example of a life of faith is the most important thing we can model for our children.

Examine your schedule and find a spot in your day to pray, do a devotional or read somecross faith sand scripture. This may mean eliminating something or sacrificing something else or finding someone else to help transport kids.  I have a great spot in my day for personal growth.  It is in the car!  Yes, I know it’s not ideal. However there has been no such thing as ideal quiet time with the Lord ever since I had a toddler in my house. I take what I can get when I can get it and maximize those opportunities. If your children don’t ride the bus then you spend some time waiting!  I wait for the bell to ring and if your school is anything like ours parents start lining up for car line 30 minutes before the bell.  In this time I cherish the opportunity in my minivan to read a little Christian devotional or just pray or grab a chapter of scripture to nourish and remind my soul of my Creator God.  It is an uplifting moment in my day and sometimes I look forward to it more than I’ll admit.  A few minutes just me and God in the middle of picking kids up from school and then getting them to the after school activity….priceless!

We must also choose to be active in our faith beyond worship if that is our expectation of our children.  If we want our children to go to youth group or be in a small group Bible study we need to find our own Sunday School or small group to be active in as well.  Yes, once again I know we don’t have time.  That is not a valid excuse in our multitasking world where more and more seems to be better and better.  We must find time. It is with great urgency we must find time not just to model it for our children but to nourish our own souls in a world that is not our home.

The second part after you have carved out time is not to keep it a secret from your children.  Share with them what you read or that you were praying for the family. This is showing them your active faith and how you are making it work in a busy week!

Commit today to be a person of faith so you can pass on faith to your children!



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