What are Mustard Moments?

Mustard Moments
a family devotional to grow us closer in relationship to each other and to Jesus

Mustard Moments…….those moments when we spend with our family cultivating a faith to grow big and spread wide, as well as build boldness and truth in the hearts of our family members so that they can go out into a world that does not recognize Jesus as Lord and have the confidence of the power of the Kingdom of Jesus behind them !!!

Who has time for devotionals, quiet time or meditation? Certainly not the family with kids needing help with homework, transportation to numerous lessons and activities not to mention the demands and stress of the parents workload and perhaps sometimes the added job of caregiver to older parents! I could go on…..

We’re busy and we’ve all heard that busyness is a temptation from Satan. Every day and in every moment we have choices to make. That choice brings us closer to our families and Jesus or puts separation between our families and Jesus.

To those families that have 6am meetings, sports practices until dark, constant technology usage, few family dinners, and in general are overstimulated and constantly exhausted its time to say NO to the non-essentials of life! All you have to do is “google” to find articles on why sports are out of control these days and not about simply having fun and learning the sport. It is also easy to find articles that tell us that more technology has not made our lives easier but made us connected to our jobs 24/7.

To those that see themselves in the above paragraph you shudder at the concept of a DAILY DEVOTIONAL. Are you kidding? When would we have the time?

As with anything whether losing weight, learning a new language or taking time for a Bible Study the habits we wish to form are not accomplished overnight. Mustard Moments is a call to a once a week time for families to connect and grow together as a family and grow closer to Jesus. Here is a practical list of how to get where we want to be in our daily habit of time with Jesus:

How to Begin:

  1. Decide that time spent with family growing in faith is important.
  2. Pray for God to provide for a time and protect that time
  3. Tell your family that this is important and will be done. (do not give those children a choice. You are the parent!)
  4. Decide as a family when to do this. (Once a week for approximately 15 minutes)
  5. Click on Mustard Moments for the first week and begin to transform your family into a mustard seed family!

Things for Parents to Remember:

  1. You are not a Biblical expert. (you are not expected to be one)
  2. It is okay to show yourself as vulnerable to your children. (You do not need all the answers)
  3. Make it fun! It’s okay to laugh when talking about Jesus!
  4. Some rabbit trails are good trails to go down. (you will grow as a family and learn things about each other. Sometimes staying on track is not what you need to do)
  5. Encourage every family member to participate whether its talking, answering questions, praying, reading scripture, asking questions or hugging.
  6. Be ready to be surprised!

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