Putting God in the Daily

How do we talk to, behave toward or deal with each other?

Family is a connection. Family is a bond. Family is an attachment. Family is a community. Family is biblical. Family is love.

Most families do these things together:

  1. Activity – dining out, games, movies, sports, concert, hiking, amusement park, cooking, etc.
  2. Talk – logistical talk about schedules, talk about the day, talk about dreams and hopes
  3. Grow Spiritually –

#3 Growing Spiritually is where families need help! My biggest desire is for families to Put God in the Daily. I think there is definitely a place for a set aside time to specifically talk about spiritual things and read scripture and pray together. (Mustard Moments – weekly family devotional) I think that we need to have God on our lips in our activity and talk too! Our lives are not compartments but more like a plate of spaghetti with things interweaving and overlapping!

How do you put God in the daily? Use what comes before you…..

Simple, yet we can sometimes make it so difficult.

In the midst of an activity or talking you can acknowledge the Creator!

  • Outdoor activity = Wow, God gave us some awesome weather for this hike.
  • Cooking = God is so cool. What an original vegetable he designed for us.
  • Movies = There is so much to discuss from that movie. It really made me think that God can …..
  • Sports = I really enjoyed watching you play today and so thankful God gave us the body he did. You’re really fast out there.
  • Bedtime = Did you see God today? Where?
  • Telling about their day = I really see how God used you to be a good friend today
  • Telling about their day = Wow, God hates to see you so sad and so do I. God is going to get you through this and he is crying with you.

By letting God in on the conversation we are inviting God to be part of our families. We are telling our children that its okay to talk to God outside the walls of the church. We are also telling our kids that faith is a part of every aspect of our lives.

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