ChristFit Spiritual Workout 09/10/14 – Self

One of the biggest lies that Satan tells us is that we are failing at our spiritual lives. It is easy to look at our failures and struggles and become discouraged in our spiritual walk. We can get so caught up in thinking that we are failing to grow that we struggle seeing how far we have come.

Today’s workout is an exercise in self-examination. Take a long look at your spiritual journey. Where did your walk with Jesus begin? How have you grown? How much more do you know about God than you did know? How have your triumphs over past struggles given you strength today?

Workout levels –

Apostle – Write out a written chart of your spiritual walk from your earliest memory. Make note of your spiritual highs and lows. Note where you have grown and also where you feel you can grow in the future.

Disciple – Think back to when you came to Christ. What was your life like? How is it different now? Spend time in prayer thanking Jesus for how you have grown.

New Believer – As a new believer, today is a great time to reflect on the fresh changes God has made in your life. Take time to write down your story and how God has and is changing you.

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